Professor of the Department of Russian Literature and Intercultural Communication; Director of the Master Degree educational course “Language Support of Mass Media”, Doctor of philological Sciences, The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, the Department of Russian Literature and Intercultural Communication

Tuzlukova Victoriya Igorevna

HeadofProfessionalDepartmentandResearchUnit. SultanQaboosUniversity -LanguageCentre. Oman, DoctorofPhilologicalSciences, SultanQaboosUniversity, Oman

Abstract: The content of newspaper texts is considered as a passive form of the information resources on the basis of which it is possible to develop a model of the word meaning (a special unit) functioning in the sociocultural aspect.In the article context, the model is thought of as a «system description reflecting a certain group of its properties» 

Keywords: word meaning, nomination, lexical item, modeling, system, journalism language, thesaurus of newspaper texts, sociocultural aspect

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